SEGA Octane Booster raises the octane level of LRP or unleaded petrol.

- Increases the octane number (RON) by 2 to 5 points.
- Provides a very effective quard against valve seat recession by forming a protective layer on the valve seats, replicating the effect of lead.
- Recudes and prevents pinging of the engine.
- Avoids mechanical damage caused by pinging.
- Improves engine performance and acceleration.
- Lowers fuel consumption.
- Can be used in leaded or unleaded petrol.
- Does not contain lead components.
- Is safe for use with catalytic converters and turbocharges.


Code Volume Box Quantity
0519-048674 354 ML 12 PCS
0519-048683 300 ML 12 PCS
0519-048668 150 ML 24 PCS