The history of SEGA goes back to 1968 with a small trade shop in Mardin, which an old commercial town in and is a city in southeastern of Turkey.


Thanks to demand of local market, we were opened the 2 sales shops for textile, tools and hardware. In addition, we used geographical advantage of Turkey and started export from Turkey to neighboor countries.


We were moved to the Istanbul , which is a center of trade industry for further trade operations. Import and export activities were started with neighbouring countries. With this year, we decided to delevelop our professionsy further developed the business by importing and exporting car care products, accessories, spare parts and hand tools.


A consolidation network chain were organized for import goods; two warehouses and a wholesale shops were opened at Istanbul.


We were increace our capacity and improved our knowledge in auto accessories, auto care products, lubricants, sealants, spare parts, tyres and batteries. The biggest Auto Center is opened in auto center of Aksaray, Istanbul. And we were entered the global world, with export facilities to Africa, Middle-East, Asia and South of Europe.


All shops in different parts of Turkey reorganized under umbrella of one company and one aim. The management main aim was meet the customers' need with a variety of products in one hand.


It established its first factory to better meet the needs of its customers and to show its commercial knowledge in the industrial sector.


With feedbacks from our customers , we were added new products into our range and redesigned our packages.


Production is moved to another city, Manisa which provided a bigger area for our productions' divisions. We were started the production of plastic packages ( from 50 milliliters to 20 liters plastic bottles , and accessories )


Until today, SEGA brand win a success to reach all contitents with several products; you have been found SEGA products; sometimes with helping to clean or meintenance your car, sometimes were a partner in your home repair, sometimes a cleaner for your home, office or other closed areas, sometimes a doctor to clean your hand in safety way. Since 1968 we have a only one passion; touch different races and cultures with our products with our service. Thank you for their belief and trust all of customers of SEGA which they made us a global brand on today.




We are the experts in automotive care , which have experiments and special formulations for routine maintenance keeping your vehicle safe and healthy.

  • Internal & External Maintenance
  • Cleaners & Protective Products
  • Fresheners
  • Shampoos & Waxes


We offer a unique range of speciality products delivering superior performance to formulators in the automotive and industrial lubricant markets. Our products will continue to help to: Improve fuel economy; Reduce emissions; Extend oil drain intervals; Improve equipment durability; Increase production efficiency, and so on.

  • Engine Oils & Greases
  • Additives
  • Service Fluids
  • Antifreeze & Coolants


Our main goal is to provide smart solutions for the construction industry. Our bundles its advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Our brand is built on the experience gained from more than 35 years in the construction industry. The comprehensive portfolio under the brand encompasses; have been reaching many hardware shops, construction markets and dealers in this sector.

  • Mastics and Pu Foams
  • Adhesives
  • Technical Sprays
  • Spray Paints


Our household division has the special products and accessories to make cleaning as easy as possible and your house as pretty as possible. Our huge cleaning products range will keep your kitchen, bathroom, floors and walls sparkling.

  • Fresheners
  • Cleaners (Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Windows)
  • Anti-Bacterials Hand Sanitizers & Cleaners
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