A lithium soap grease made from premium base oils and additives with wide spread use in variousindustries. It is used for automobiles that do not operate in very heavy loads and high temperatureconditions, in wheel bearings of commercial and off-road vehicles, agriculture and work machines,central lubrication systems, ball and slide bearings. It is also used safely inbearings of electric motorsand extends the life of the system by inhibitingrust and corrosion. The grease is resistant to waterand oxidation and easy topump. It inhibits erosion on pulsed and vibrating loads, and provides extraprotection against washing with water.

* It is used in rollers, sliding bearings, central lubrication systems and general industrialapplications. It is especially intended for roller lubrication, however, also used in chassislubrication processes.
* It provides high resistance against rusting and corrosion.
* It provides operating performance between -20 °C and +130 °C.
* It reduces abrasions and thus maintenance costs with the help of high amount of EP highpressure additive it contains.
* It forms tampon oil film in vibrating medium, and thus extends bearing’s life.


Code Volume Box Quantity
0519-048967 15 KG 1 PCS