A water-resistant, calcium soap, general purpose grease produced with high quality base oils andsuperior additives. This grease is used in medium and high-speed rolling bearings that operate undernon-severe conditions, where the operating temperature is not high, in low speed flat bearings, forchassis lubrication.

* It provides quick and effective lubrication in various application areas where operatingtemperature is not high.
* It is recommended to be used in grease lubrication processes of ball and roller bearings andhydraulic turbines, temperatures of which do not exceed 70 °C.
* It provides high performance in chassis lubrication processes.
* It provides high resistance against water and corrosion.
* It reduces abrasions and thus minimizes maintenance costs.
* It adheres surfaces, and makes lubrication well due to its fibrous structure, and thus reducesconsumption.


Code Volume Box Quantity
0519-048970 15 KG 1 PCS