High performance hydraulic oil with optimal anti-wear properties (AW-Additives) and high load capacity of the lubrication film. Its excellent oxidation resistance delivers good performance at higher temperatures and extended operating intervals. Antioxidants and corrosion-inhibitors, high pressure absorption, good ageing and temperature resistance, no foam absorbance, good demulsification. Neutral toward ferrous metals and almost all nonferrous metals, wristbands and gasketmaterials.

- Protects against wear, oxidation, rust and foam due to its superior formulation.
- Has high viscosity index and low pour point hence excellent lubrication and power transmission properties at both high and low temperatures.
- Reduces production costs due to easy pumping and filtration.
- Provides higher power transmission at high temperatures.

PERFORMANCE: ISO VG 10, 22, 32, 37, 46, 68, 100


Code Volume Box Quantity
0519-337005 5 LT 4 PCS
0519-337020 20 LT 1 PCS
0519-337001 1 LT 12 PCS
0519-337004 4 LT 4 PCS