Healty and Safety Policy

Occupational health and safety policy

Company occupational safety and health of our employees is our first priority. For this purpose, ergonomics analysis and risk analysis to prevent work-related accidents in the mail every work is done in the workshop. Or employee is determined by the need to improve the assessment are taken emergency measures in the current study mail complaint.

Noise in the working environment of the factory, temperature, ventilation, lighting, such as air pollution measurements are performed regularly by independent laboratories.

In a safe environment and to produce the appropriate working conditions, quality is an essential element in achieving the growth and profitability objectives.

Our Basic Principles;

Sega Group compatible with the safety policy and work according to regulations and national legislation, Safety of new projects or significant process changes and to comply with the ergonomics goals. Improving working conditions and ergonomics, prevention of risks and protection of the health of our business and our managers are among the most important responsibilities.

The success of the working conditions and safety management, safety awareness goes from having the individual and society. Anyone using the necessary safety equipment, obeying the rules and contributing to the prevention of risks are responsible for ensuring their own safety.

No occupational accident prevention measures are not necessary if taken. Being healthy is the most natural rights and physical safety of our employees. Security is a pattern of behavior. Need to act in our lives outside the safe company both companies should adopt as a way of life and we must apply in all areas of life.

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