Business Culture and Policies

Principles of Business Ethics

A company's prosperity and development; customers, employees, partners, to provide goods or services to it and it is in their commercial relations with anyone and is based on the confidence of the company.

The existence of this trust and more, is based on a set number of rules to be applied everywhere and in every condition for all members of the company.

Internal Code of Conduct for Employees

• Not to discriminate against individuals and respect
• Company's assets (property, vehicles, industrial property, etc.) To use for personal purposes, and protect
• Protect the company's image
• The accuracy and reliability of information
• To comply with the privacy principles
• To avoid any kind of conflict of interest (paid jobs, get a share, giving gift-taking, political activities, etc.).

Company Non-Employee Code of Conduct

• To comply with the law
• Respect for the environment and environmental protection
• Honesty towards customers
• Fairness to shareholders
• Honesty against commercial stakeholders
• Bribery and denial of covered earnings
• If necessary to consult the expertise of intermediaries
• Be treated in accordance with the financial accounts and audit principles
• Fulfillment of social responsibility

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