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When problems become visible with your engine, it may be to late or very costly to bring the engine's performance back to normal. It's always advisable to stick to high quality, warranty backed brand for maximum protection.

The primary function of engine oil is to minimize metal-to-metal contact reducing friction and wear. With friction comes heat, which causes more wear and distorts moving engine parts. The oil in your engine maintains a thin, lubricating film on all metal parts that lets them glide over each other safely and efficiently, minimizing friction. SEGA® motor oils exceed the latest performance standards of leading engine manufacturers.

SEGA® offers a wide range of top quality products from engine oil to car appearance and so on. We offer our premium products for all engines. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution center for Do-it-yourselfers and Professional Technicians.

And it was discovered to necessity of automotive maintenance and show the true repair solution... For now on, SEGA® is not only brand – it is the part of the life (using at home, at office ,and with your car, engine …etc.) thats why always respect the improve and discover new products…

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